Despampanante mujer XXL rompe redes con su sensualidad

Despampanante mujer XXL rompe redes con su sensualidad

Cynthia Ramírez Virales

Despampanante mujer XXL rompe redes con su sensualidad. La bella modelo inglesa Iskra Lawrence que saltó a la fama con fotos en bikini donde aparece con celutitis, volvió a ser noticia en Instagram.

La sexy mujer publicó una galería de fotos de su vida diaria y sorprendió a más de uno. La bella modelo vistió ropas que usa durante el día en su casa y fuera de ella.

La modelo de nacionalidad inglesa es colaboradora en la revista Self Magazine y fundadora del sitio web ‘Runway Riot’ hecho para mujeres de todas las tallas y medidas. La linda modelo tiene 26 años y es fanática de JLO.

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Sin duda Iskra Lawrence sorprendió a todos con fotos de su vida diaria en Instagram sin editar y que ha enloquecido a los internautas.

YASSSSS @instagram love the new multiple image features. I've been reading a few of your comments saying I've lost weight & need to stop working out👀 erm no. First off our bodies are allowed to fluctuate its natural, and also no one else has the right to tell you what to do with your body. That's why it's called yours. I try to look after my body as best as I can because it's my home I love & respect it and it's the only one I got for hopefully a long time so I invest in caring for it. Also ANGLES ANGLES ANGLES!!! now I can demonstrate in three photos taken exactly the same time in the same @aerie swim right next to each other… you can see how in the second I look less thick than the third – poses can change a lot! I created #everyBODYisbeautiful and want to encourage a non judgemental positive community where we empower each other with positivity. I'm glad I feel completely comfortable posting photos like this with you all. No makeup, or retouching and in my swim – which when I think about it is kinda crazy that 3.2million of you can see me in my swimwear and it doesn't make me feel insecure. I love posting pics celebrating this body I have & I love seeing communities online where woman & men feel free to share their pics & are doing it because THEY want to. Finally for anyone whose not comfortable looking at these pics or posting their own photos in swimwear or lingerie I get it. It's not for everyone & no one should ever feel pressure to do it. And especially not for social validation, likes or follows. Our bodies are magical and imperfectly perfect but they do not define us and we are so much more than just the way we look. Thanks for reading this – honestly love sharing each day with you all sending you all love & hugs xoxo

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😈😈😈 @fashionnova bomber By @gavinglave #NOretouching #everyBODYisbeautiful

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